Personal Sanskrit Companion for Kids


By the God’s grace, by the blessings of the Jagadguru, with the best wishes from all the well-wishers and with the team support, Vyoma is happy to announce the brand new product “Personal Sanskrit Companion ” (Kids version).

Contains – 18 sections, 27 modules, 360 lessons, 121 activities and a duration of 1114 minutes (18.5 hours).

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The bundle contains:

1. Rhymes
2. Bhajan
3. śloka
4. Bhagavadgītā
5. Rāmāyaṇa (Selected Portions)
6. subhāṣita
7. Stories
8. Dinacarī (Daily routine according to Saṃskṛti)
9. Saṅkhyā (Numbers in Sanskrit)
10. Sanskrit sounds
12. Noun-forms
13. Experience live-teaching
14. Writing Practice
15. Learn to Pronounce
16. e-books
17. More vocabulary learning
18. Value-Education games

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