Shabda Dhaturupa Parichayah downloadable Version for Mac and Windows


Dhaturupaparicayah(Audio Version)

It may become difficult for a learner to decide which dhātus and which forms of those dhātus to learn first, and in which order they are to be learnt. This book is a humble effort by Vyoma Labs to help a beginner in learning the verbal forms.

In this tool, you can learn the forms of 108 dhātus in the four principal lakāras – laṭ (present tense), loṭ (command/request), laṇ (past tense), lṛṭ (future tense)

Shabdarupasangraha(karaoke version)

Time Tested Method of Mastering Sanskrit Noun – Forms with 200+ shabas and  50+ Practice exercises

Learn Shabdaroopas – Self-learning course series helps you learn the different noun forms in Sanskrit. Knowledge of Shabdaroopa-s helps one to construct error-free sentences in Sanskrit.

This book contains 216 main shabdas, with unique declension patterns. At the end of each level, we have exercises which will help the retention of forms.

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Kriyāpadas (Verbal Forms) are the backbone of any Saṃskṛta sentence. Knowing verb forms is essential for a learner right from his/her first Saṃskṛta sentence.

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