Unnamya Drushtam
(Unnamya dṛṣṭam)
(A collection of Sanskrit verses and songs)


A collection of Sanskrit verses and songs penned by Dr. Jayaraman Mahadevan. Dr. Jayaraman is a multifaceted scholar, well-versed in Yogaśāstra, Vedānta, and Indian Research methodology. In addition, he is a poet at heart, responding to everyday situations and people through his poetry. His compositions thus span a wide variety of subjects, encompassing all the aspects of life, looked at through the lens of Saṃskṛta, Bhārata deśa, and śāstra.

Book Size – A5
Number of Pages – 192

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There are 3 sections in the book –

i) पद्यगुच्छाः (Collection of verses on various topics such as natural scenes, preceptors and personalities, tributes, stotras on various deities),

ii) पद्यं पद्ययुग्मं वा (Single verses or couplets on Saṃskṛta grāma, scenes near the Bay of Bengal, Comical verses),

iii) गीतानि (Sanskrit songs in simple tunes)

Most of these poems and songs have universal appeal and Sanskrit teachers can use these in their textbooks, lessons to make their class very interesting.


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(Unnamya dṛṣṭam)
(A collection of Sanskrit verses and songs)”

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