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Welcome to the world’s only destination for technology-based Personalised Sanskrit Companion (PSC) and tools for enhancing your Samskrita-Samskriti and Samskara.

There are six types of Seva offering provided by Vyoma for your Sanskrit Learning

1.Basics to Brilliance – Exploring the depths of Sanskrit Compounds (Samasa-s):

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Interactive Self-learning tool with detailed explanation.
Your anytime, anywhere, affordable self-paced product is available in one place.

2.Srimad Bhagavadgita (ŚRĪMADBHAGAVADGĪTĀ) – book:

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श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता | Śrīmad Bhagavadgītā

Why this grantha is a must-have treasure

  • Sandhi-joined-pāda-s to facilitate seamless pārāyaṇa
  • Sandhi-split at pāda level for beginners’ learning
  • Large bold font to read the verses easily
  • Guide to appreciate the nuances of Samskṛta pronunciation
  • Includes Dhyanaśloka-s, Māhātmyam, Āratī, Pārāyaṇa & Homavidhi

3. Vyoma All Products Bundle:

All Products Vyoma

Contains all the Sanskrit learning Audio, Video and Multimedia tools in single framework which is easy to use
Available in a pen drive and web version which works in Windows, iMac, Linux, other  Operating system .

4. Personalised Sanskrit Companion:

Sanskrit for Kids

Curriculum-based tools specially designed for different personae. Currently available for Kids (upto 14 years) in Web version and in Pen Drive version

5. Combo Products (based on specific objectives):

Sanskrit Language Grammar Combo

Combination of products or tools which meets specific objectives.

6. Individual Sanskrit e-Learning Products:

Improve Concentration and Memory with Sanskrit

Single products or tools to meet your specific goal of learning the Sanskrit Language.

7. Learning Path :

Sanskrit for Kids

Customize Your Own Learning Path.

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