Desktop Calendar: Daily Wisdom from Subhashitas


Product highlights:

  • Features 30 profound Sanskrit sayings (Subhashitas) presented in Devanagari and English (IAST).
  • Every Subhashita also accompanies an English translation aiding easy comprehension.
  • Can be flipped to the current day of the month (perpetually) to look at the Subhashita of the day and reflect on the same.

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Introducing our 'Desktop Calendar: Daily Wisdom from Subhashitas'

Why this product is a must-have?

  • Carefully curated quotes touch on themes of personal growth and gratitude.
  • A source of daily motivation and reflection.
  • It is a simple yet appealing design, suitable for any desk or table.
  • Includes a sturdy, foldable stand for added stability.
  • More than just a calendar; it's a guide for a purposeful and fulfilling life.
  • Integrate the wisdom of Subhashitas seamlessly into your daily routine.

Make each day meaningful with our 'Desktop Calendar: Daily Wisdom from Subhashitas.' It's not just a calendar; it's your daily companion for inspiration and enlightenment.