Nāmarāmāyaṇam – नामरामायणम् – Flipbook


The main features of this flipbook are:
– Verses/Names in both Sanskrit (Devanagari) & English (IAST) scripts
– Meaning of verses/names in simple English
– Colourful pictures of significant instances from Ramayana
– Large and colourful fonts aiding easy Parayana
– Mula with hyphenations in Sanskrit (Devanagari) & English (IAST) for facilitating easy learning
– This book facilitates general chanting, doing arcana, offering 108 prostrations, writing Rama-nama, condensed Ramayana experience, performing homa, etc.

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Namaramayanam, famously known as "Shuddha-Brahma-Paratpara Rama", is a condensed form of Ramayana. The text consists of 108 names of Rama in simple Sanskrit lines through which the most essential events from Valmiki Ramayana are portrayed. This flipbook (Non-downloadable E-book format with easy navigation for a comfortable online reading experience) contains the lines of Namaramayana in big bold letters in both Devanagari and IAST (diacritical scripts), along with its meaning in simple English and beautiful picture-illustrations.

This text is said to have been composed by Pandit Lakshmanacharya, an ardent scholar of all Shastras, at the end of the 19th century. The story goes that once, when he was in Kumbhakonam for an upanyasa (discourse), devotees there requested that he give a very short version of Ramayana. Heeding the devotees' request, he composed this beautiful text instantly by the grace of Srirama.