Nāmarāmāyaṇam – नामरामायणम्


Verses / Nama-s in both Sanskrit (Devanagari) & English (IAST) scripts

– Meaning of verses / nama-s in simple English
– Colorful pictures of significant instances from Ramayana
– Large and colorful fonts aiding easy Parayana
– Mula with hyphenations in  Sanskrit (Devanagari) & English (IAST) for facilitating easy learning
– This book facilitates general chanting, doing arcana, offering 108 prostrations, writing Rama-nama, condensed Ramayana experience, performing homa, etc.

Purchase this book and experience the ultimate joy of chanting Rama’s names and internalising Ramayana’s story.

Note – Please note that dispatching will start from 12/02/2024 only

Namaramayanam, famously known as "Suddha-Brahma-Paratpara Rama", is a condensed form of Ramayana. The text consists of 108 names of Rama in simple Sanskrit lines through which the most important events in Valmiki Ramayana are portrayed. Like Valmiki Ramayana, this prose is also divided into seven kanda-s. The uniqueness of this marvellous creation of an unknown author is that each line ends with the name "Rama" in this text.


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