Narayaneeyam Companion: Chants, Discourses & Scripts in Pen drive for Windows, Mac laptop and Android mobiles as OTG


Lokarpanam of the Pen Drive will be on 9TH OF THE SEPTEMBER 2023

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This product includes the following content related to Narayaneeyam
  1. "Chanting in audio mode".
  2. "Chanting in video mode".
  3. "English discourses in audios".
  4. "English discourses displayed as videos".
  5. "Scripts in 5 languages".
  6. "Videos that explain details for proper pronunciation".
In this product, we present to you chanting of 100 dashakams. The chanting mode is present in both audio and video for all the 100 dashakams. For each dashakam, separate mp3 players are placed. For each video, a modal dialog opens up to show the video separately, the full screen and adjust volume is also present in every video player for each dashakam. Discourses for the first 50 dashakams are present in the english language. The discourses are presented in both audio and video for all the 50 dashakams. Guidelines on how to pronounce the dashakams are provided as videos in which proper examples are given and the user doubts are cleared in between. Scripts are provided in 5 languages, they are
  • Devanagari script
  • English(IAST)
  • Kannada
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam.