Nityaprarthana – Flipbook to learn the 53 selected shlokas



Devanagari script of the shloka-s, its transliteration in English, translation.
Deity-wise splitting of the shloka-s.
Shloka-s for accomplishing specific purposes during daily routine and during obligatory occasions.
Enhances Samskrita pronunciation skills.
Ability to chant with accuracy.
Improves Samskrita vocabulary.
Enables one to develop bhakti towards Bhagavan.
Keeps one’s sacred attitude intact.
One gains personal security and therefore the community and Nation become secure.

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This flipbook (Non-downloadable E-book format with easy navigation for a comfortable online reading experience) contains 53 selected shlokas that can be chanted everyday by an individual involved in activities such as eating, brushing, bathing, sleeping and so on. Recitation of these shlokas will give specific results in the areas of health, wealth accomplishment of - individual goal/s, organizational goals, state goals. These shloka-s are based on authentic traditional sources.