Sanskrit Games – Your Brain Gym


Sanskrit games is a collection of 20 challenging games and 15 fun-filled activities which put to test your skills in various areas of Sanskrit – including script, vocabulary, numbers, grammar, memory and puraana-itihaasas. By repeatedly playing these games and activities, you can polish your skills in these areas, enjoying the entire process at the same time

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About the Course

Key Benefits

  • Improvement of various language skills
  • Enhanced focus and memory
  • Highly engaging activities to retain motivation and interest to learn more
  • Positive reinforcement leads to long-term retention of knowledge

Games which are a part of this course

  • Vocabulary Games
  • Number Games
  • Grammar Games
  • Puraana-Itihaasa Based Games
  • Fun-filled activities based on script and basic vocabulary

These include several popular games like Snake and Ladder, Word-search, Treasure hunt, Penalty Shootout, etc.