Sanskrit Language Pack + Grammar Combo


  1. Learn Sanskrit – Level 1 – (16 Hours)
  2. Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder 1 – (178 Minutes)
  3. Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder 2 – (1025 Minutes)
  4. Shabdaroopasangrahah – (216 Shabdas, 8.52 Hours)
  5. Sandhi – (2.5 Hours)
  6. Samaasa – (3 Hours)
  7. Aṣṭādhyāyī – (8 Chapters, 10.44 Hours)
  8. Dhāturūpaparicayaḥ –
    (108 Common Dhatus in 4 Lakaras, 3.32 Hours)


  • This is an audio product to learn Panini’s Astadhyayi-sutras. This product helps one to learn Astadhyayi-sutras with accurate pronunciation.
  • The unique feature of this product is that it has two modes – Learning mode(anuccharnam) where the user learns the sutras in the traditional teacher-student mode and the Practice mode(parayanam) where the learner practices by recall.
  • Teaching and recitation is done by Sanskrit Scholars & Grammarians.


  • Kriyāpadas (Verbal Forms) are the backbone of any Saṃskṛta sentence. Knowing verb forms is essential for a learner right from his/her first Saṃskṛta sentence.
  • There are nearly 2000 verbal roots (dhātus) in Saṃskṛta. Each of them has many forms.
  • It may become difficult for a learner to decide which dhātus and which forms of those dhātus to learn first, and in which order they are to be learned.  Vyoma Labs helps a beginner to learn the verbal forms.

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