Old Testimonials from our Previous Website:

“I have used the Vocab 1 & 2 since the second month of my first introduction to Sanskrit and have found the product super useful and very helpful. It covers a wide range of useful words from the very beginning and because it comes with an audio it works at many levels of improving your recall as well as ensuring the right pronunciation of each word. Each category is treated with great attention to detail and relevance and each category comes with a set of interesting exercises which again stretches your learning potential and enhances recall easily. This is my 5th month of using the product and I still find it useful and enthralling. I still haven’t mastered all the games contained in the Set either. So I have so much awaiting me.

I can say that these products are my most useful tools in making me comfortable in learning Sanskrit. I come from a totally non-Sanskrit background in Singapore and no one around me speaks Sanskrit either at this point in time.
I still haven’t mastered the more than 1000 words in V 1 and V 2 but they are there for me whenever i want to refresh or learn more.

I congratulate Vyoma for this brilliant easy to use product that I recommend as an essential must-have tool for all beginners and intermediate students. I study Sanskrit on my own at home through various online courses but am sure that without Vocab 1 and 2 I wouldn’t have had much confidence or inspiration to have come this far in 7 months. I am still a novice but the Vyoma products have become my firm friends in this glorious exercise.

God Bless Your great efforts to revive Sanskrit and thank you for helping me.”


Product: Vocabulary Builder

Received the DVDs. Quality is excellent and lot of efforts are put to make it useful. Efforts are appreciated.

Kishan Kulkarni

Product: Bhagavadgita

Thanks to Baalaamodini classes are more lively and students are eager to see more and learn more.

Ms. M.Bhavani

Teacher, Sri Satya Sai Primary School, Puttaparthi

“Your Samasa Product is very useful and interesting. I am making an extensive use of this product.
Kindly include more prodcts of these types. Pratyayams will be a very useful topic. Chandas also can be included.
Various other topics like karakam, laghu siddhanta kodudi extracts can also be included.
You are doing a great service! Kindly continue.”

Sadasivam N

Product: Samasa

This product teaches the samaasas easily to the learners. Without knowing samaasas, nobody can enjoy the Sanskrit language. Especially Vaidika and Bhagvathaas should have this product which will help them to have satisfaction in their fields.

Sri Ramakrishna Bhagavatar

Vedic and Sanskrit scholar

By word of mouth all appreciated and happy with the way of teaching in the CD’s. The teacher who train students for Bhagavadgeeta Competition found it very useful as they are clear about the Ucharanam (Pronunciation). All are excited to hear the shastriya padhatih of teaching Ucharana and Anucharana

Mrs. Anuradha


“This is a true gift for each and every person from all walks of life. Be it students, working professionals, housewives or elders at home. Because ‘Shabdaas’ and ‘Daatus’ are like two eyes for Sanskrit. The more the number of ‘shabdaas’ we know, more we will be proficient in Sanskrit language. Whenever I am on travel I listen to the “Shabdaas” and I am sure within a year I will memorise all the ‘Shabdaas’ with the help of this CD and the book. Even by playing this CD continuously at home our kids will surely memorise the ‘shabdaas’ so easily. Further as our fathers / forefathers learned ‘Vedas’ only by listening from their ‘Gurus’, this is an opportunity for us also to follow the tradition of ‘Shruti’.

I could visualize the pain taken by Vyoma Sevarthees in developing such a great product where we can enjoy the perfect ‘Uchcharana’ with exact ‘Mahapraanaas’, ‘Alpapraanaas’, ‘Hrasva’ and ‘Dheerga swaraas’.

I sincerely thank once again the Vyoma team to help the Sanskrit lovers and learners to be gifted with such a “MUST TO HAVE” product.”

CA. V. Padmanaban

Product: Shabdarupasangrah

Namaskaram.. I am Dilip Srinivasan and my son Pranav is a Homeschooler. Just wanted to let you know that your CDs on pronunciations via Bhagavadgeeta shlokas are amazing .. Thank you very much for this start .. He’s breathing sanskritam now and enjoying it immensely .. He explained to me about the Pranas and the other pronunciation related syllables identification, etc today morning .. He’s extremely excited and happy .. Thank you again.

Dilip Srinivasan

Product: Bhagavadgita

Sandhi Product is very easy to teach. Students enjoyed the classes and also learnt a lot.The students were very attentive through-out the class.Complments to all those who have worked hard to make this wonderful product


Sanskrit teacher, Shiksha Sagar High School Bengaluru.

“Its an excellent way of learning Sanskrit, keeping up with the modern world. Rivetting, engaging and addictive. A great way to learn Sanskrit with ease. Any beginner in Sanskrit of any age can easily learn the language. Its innovative, Interesting and


Sanskrit student, National Public School, Bengaluru.

Balaamodini is a small wonder in the field of Samskritam. It entices people to learn Samskritam, entertains and explains the basics of Samskritam beautifully.

Dr. M. Jayaraman

Asst.Director, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai

As someone who haven’t learnt Sanskrit, I have found Bhagavad Geetha by Vyoma labs very useful. Excellent pronunciation, pauses and clarity of recording – chanting the “right” way. While i did not understand the word meaning of the slokas, when i started chanting, just chanting itself has inspired me to take up understanding of the pregnant meaning of each word in the slokas. This has helped in course-correction and live an inspired life. A must have for all spiritual aspirant’s.


Product: Bhagavadgita

“The Bhagavad-Gita product is an astounding product. The audio is very clear, interpretable and very pleasant to hear. I always listen to it while travelling. It refreshes my mind. The product has also helped me memories
shlokas. To say in a sentence it is a “spirituality with technology””

Amogh Rao

Product: Bhagavadgita

Excellent way for beginners to learn Samskritam step by step in a very intuitive and engaging manner. It keeps the audience engaged, entertained and enhancing their skills all at the same time. Fabulous graphics, amazing clarity in introduction of concepts. Hats off!!!

Malathi Latha

Product: Learn sanskrit Level 1

Hats off to whoever created this. At such an affordable price, a fantastic product. This is actually a great service. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the AbyAsAs. I wish more people bought your products and help you in this inspiring journey


Product: Sandhi

This is very interesting as I am already chanting some of these stotras daily. By providing meaning and transliteration, Vyoma has enhanced the utility of these pristine stotras further.

Ramasesh Iyer

Product: Saptahstotrasangrah

I have purchased few products of Vyoma Labs of which Ashtadhyayi and Shabdaroopasangraha are excellent. I am yet to use Sandhi and Samasa. I have wholeheartedly recommended these to concerned people. It would be very helpful if you make teacher-student and chanting mode CD on Amarakosha which I feel would be of great help for self-learning students. It would be of great use if you are able to put a stall at Samskrita Bharathi in Girinagar where it can reach a lot of people interested in Samskrit. Thank you for writing to me.

Vasudevan Sripati

Product: Shabdarupasangrah

“There are lessons for the beginners.
To advanced students of Sanskrit, there are so many products.
I just went through the CD- Sandhi. It is very interesting and easy to learn the difficult rules.
You can register online and have access to lessons on ‘Samaasa’ also. This is unique and I found it very useful.”


Sanskrit Bharathi Volunteer

It’s really a fantastic way of presentation to teach Samasa in an easy, interesting manner through multimedia. I have gone through the online web version. Very confident that I will be able to understand Samasa concepts thoroughly. There is a lot of energy, clarity and conviction in the teacher’s delivery of the lectures. Reference to various topics are very useful.

Mrs. Mahalakshmi

Student of Samskrita Vykarna

Srinivasji namasthe! Some of the people whom we have distributed CD have admired the rendering of Slokas in it and very helpful in learning them with the correct diction and pronunciation. All of them, in fact, thanked us for giving such an enchanting spiritual masterpiece. Ram Ram Ram

Nemmar Nagesh

Product: Bhagavadgita

“Thanks for the effort to make this product. The chanting of the verses is very beautiful. Liked it very much. It is indeed a great contribution by you to the human kind. Hope to see more such products.”

Pavan Kumar

Product: Bhagavadgita

“You guys are doing such an important
job. I must salute you.
I have done the Gita two times fully thanks to your product. I’m started the 3rd round yesterday doing one chapter a day. Your recording with the lyrics makes it so easy n my sanskrit reading is improving.
You guys are true experts in pedagogy.”

Sivasubramanian, Singapore

Product: Bhagavadgita

I finished your Learn sanskirt level1 course. It is just so well designed. You guys are true experts in pedagogy.

Sivasubramanian, Singapore

Product: Learn sanskrit Level 1

I am practicing reading the slokas and stotras. I must say it is Divine and recitation itself gives calmness to mind the audio is crisp and clear. Importance of reading the sloka and knowing its meaning adds a lot of value. Well Done Vyoma Labs!

Vinay Kempiah

Product: Saptahstotrasangrah